Krambeck Award

Dr. Susie awarded the 2009 Jordon-Krambeck Award

The 2009 Krambeck Award was presented to Dr. Lylia J. Poland, better known as Dr. Susie of Kirksville, MO. A banquet was held in her honor at the Thousand Hills Restaurant in Kirksville on Saturday April 24, 2010. It was standing room only as many of her friends and patients were there to honor her. She was presented many gifts in addition to the 2009 Krambeck Award. The “Sweet Nothings” a coed acappella group from Truman State University provided the entertainment.

Dr. Susie was selected for the award for her contributions to the elderly in her area. She had worked with MCQC on an issue involving an elderly woman whose children were abusing her. She gave freely of her time including testifying in court on behalf of the woman. This is typical of Dr. Susie. Her staff and her patients stated that she is always available to her patients, day and night. No one is turned away and she becomes more than a Doctor to her patients she is their friend. Her dedication to her patients is why MCQC selected her for the 2009 Krambeck Award.

In the photo, left to right: Joanne Morrow, MCQC President, Dr. Susie, Krambeck Award Recipient, and Phyllis Krambeck, MCQC Board