Krambeck Award

Matt Scheperle – 2020 Jordon-Krambeck Award Recipient

Matt Scheperle is the recipient of the 2020 Jordon-Krambeck Award. Matt has been the IT expert for
MCQC for several years, and he designed and has maintained the present MCQC website. The
website has had thousands of visitors over the past several years, and it has provided helpful
information for those seeking assistance in finding a nursing home or long-term care facility for a
loved one. The website requires constant updating and maintenance, which Matt has handled
without any problems or delays. Matt has worked for the State of Missouri for 20 years as an IT
The Jordon-Krambeck Award is given to individuals who exemplify a total commitment to
improving the lives of recipients of long-term care. Matt has done that and more. Through
Matt’s design and maintenance of the MCQC website, MCQC has become more effective in its
efforts to provide services and care for Missouri’s elderly and handicapped citizens. Thanks, Matt for
your work in keeping our website functioning!